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I grew up in the southern tip of India , in a state called Kerala .   Kerala means  the land of coconut trees. It is also called "God's Own country" because of its beauty. It is one of the states in India which has 100% literacy rate. Kerala is one of the fifty  "must visit destinations" according to National geographical channel.

My family history says that my ancestors were baptized by the Apostle St. Thomas in the 1st century.

I went to a Catholic school and then to a college under the same Catholic management . I did my graduation in physics and earned a MS in physics from Mahatma Gandhi university. I also earned a bachelor's degree in Education from the same university. I taught physics in India in the 11 and 12 grade for 15 years  before I joined Opelousas Catholic school. I have a teaching certification in Physics, chemistry and mathematics from Louisiana board of education .

Now I am here at OHS with all of you. I hope we will have fun together in learning math