Opelousas High School Testing updates:

Testing Updates
During the month of January, the junior class and seniors will be able to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery assessment (ASVAB). This assessment will allow students to better understand their vocational interests. Parents and students can access the following link to review and practice for the assessment.  
https://asvabmilitarytest.com/ (Access to the link is free and there is no required registration.)
During the month of February, the junior class (mandatory) and seniors who did not score a level of silver or higher will take the ACT WorkKeys assessment (Applied Math, analyzing graphs--Graphic Literacy, and reading Workplace documents). This assessment measures the level of employability skills that a student has. Students are preparing for this assessment at school but can access the website at home as well. The link to the WorkKeys curriculum is https://workkeyscurriculum.act.org/ (Access to the link is free. Students have a pre-assigned login and password.) 
During the month of March, the junior class (mandatory) and seniors who did not make a 21 composite on the ACT during their junior year will take the ACT assessment (English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science). The ACT assessment measures what the student knows now. The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE)and the Board of Regents have identified a composite score of 21 as college ready: each sub-test has an identified college readiness score: English (18); Math (22); Reading (22); Science (23). Parents and students can access the following free link to prepare for the ACT exam--- https://academy.act.org/ 
During the months of April and May, students in an End-of-Course or LEAP 2025 (Lousiana Educational Assessment Program) course will be assessed in the areas of English I, English II, English III, Biology, Algebra, Geometry, and US History. These assessments are part of the graduation requirement set forth by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE). The content for these assessments are being taught in the classroom; therefore it is important that students be in attendance daily. Parent and students can access the practice test to become familiar with the format of the assessment, question types, and how to use the technology features within the assessment. To access the practice tests, please refer to the attached Parent Guide to LEAP 2025. 
OHS Administrative Team 
Mr. Ricky Julien
Mrs. Vicky Powers